Britains Urged To Leave Tunisia

Britain’s are being urged to leave Tunisia. The Foreign Office has urged all British National to leave Tunisia due to the fact that a further Terrorist Attacks will is highly likely.

If we live in fear then the terrorist have won. If we are urging people to leave a country then we have let the terrorist win.

I know that it’s a pessimistic start but it’s true.

I understand that this is for the safety of the British people out there but it’s letting them win. They plan these attacks and they carry them out. Then when the next attack comes around then we flee the country.

They want us to leave their country and we oblige.

Maybe just maybe.

We should stay there and then find these people before they can actually carry out the attack instead of cowering. Maybe we should actually carry on trying to win this war.

Instead of Cowering.

The Foreign Office has urged British People to leave Tunisia. Well I think we are letting the Terrorists win this War on Terror.


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