Eurozone In For Tough Negotiations

The Eurozone is in for tough talks. Eurozone Finance chiefs have warned they are in for tough negotiations as they meet to decide if Greece’s new set of reform plans merit a third Bailout.

So the Eurozone are in for a tough period of negotiations. Haven’t the last few set of negotiations been tough. Tough on the Greek people as this is who the talks effect.

I wouldn’t be surprised that all these North Western Country leaders like Holland and Germany to an extent actually have forgotten this.

I bet Germany want Greece to bend to it’s will while other countries want their money. Even the Eastern European Countries want to kick Greece while they’re down.

I can only see 2 opitions for the Greeks.

1) They get kicked out of the Eurozone and the European Union and the Greeks get what a lot of people in Europe want and that’s Freedom from the EU.

2) Democracy goes totally out of the window and Germany boot of the Current Government and put in a new one. To me that’s the most likely one.

Germany will want to rule with total power.

The Eurozone say they are in for a tough set of negotiations. Well I can see the Eurozone trying to kick out the Greek Government.


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