Greece Must Pass Austerity Laws

Greece must pass Austerity Laws. Eurozone Ministers have told Greece that they must pass Austerity Laws before they are offered a third Bailout for the Greek People and Country.

You wonder where the European Union actually gets off sometimes. A country comes to asking for money to help their economy and then you try and rape them with these stupid Austerity Laws.

Let’s point out this sad little fact that nobody wants to here in Europe. Complete Austerity doesn’t actually work. Yes I’ve praised the Conservatives for their Austerity measures but they have spent money where they need to.

Look at HS2.

One thing that amazes me but it doesn’t shock me about this whole story is the obsession about keeping the Euro. Screw the average Greek person as long as we keep the Euro.

It’s just a currency and not the end of the world. If a country steps out of the Euro Currency it’s not the end of the Europe. It maybe the end of the European Union which is a good thing but it’s not the end of Europe.

Europe, yes Europe has been here for over 200 years granted we’ve only been at peace for a few years since the end of World War 2 but you would hope that by now we’re not that pathetic that we need to have single currency to be a peace with each other.

The Eurozone leaders have told Greece they must pass Austerity laws before they get a third bailout. As long as Europe and Germany keeps control of Greece and their precious European Union.


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