American Conservative Condemn Iran Deal

The American Conservatives have condemned a deal reached with Iran. Republicans and Conservatives in America have condemned a deal that the Obama administration has reached with the Iranian Government.

Well today I am again happy with the Obama administration. They have done something amazing again. They’ve got Iran out of the cold and got them to take the small steps to join a civilized world.

The thing is this is the second country they’ve managed to do this with. Anybody remember Cuba?

Give Obama a third term so he can do what ever he wants especially on Gun Control.

So why condemn this.

Oh yeah Israel don’t like Iran. The Israeli Government have already condemned this as a threat to their security. Their Security? They should mean the interests of taking as much land as possible and treating Arabs as shit on Israel’s shoe.

And the republicans don’t like it.

Well let’s face it they did wage war on the Middle East and they are buddies with Israel’s Government. Now I can see why they are condemning this move.

It’s time for Israel to stop forcing the Republicans to do their bidding. I’m getting sick of it.

The Republicans are condemning a deal struck with Iran. Well I said shut up to the Republicans and well done to Obama and the International Community.


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