Carney Says Interest Rates Will Increase By New Year

Interest rates will begin to rise by the turn of the year. The Governor of the Bank Of England has indicated that UK interest rates could rise by the turn of the New Year.

And we go back to finance issues.

So Interest rates are going up so people’s savings are going to go up and does that means people’s mortgages go up?

I’ve said this before but I’m going to be say it again. I have no idea when it comes interest rates or economic rises and lowers. So I can only talk about this is a very basic state.

So we’ll get some happy savers but apart from that what else do we get. Oh yeah just thought of the fact that we will have happier banks who will or might have more money.

Mark Carney has said that interest rates will increase by the end of the year. Well I suppose that’s a good thing but I’m not really that sure about what it really means.


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