12 Year Old Girl Dies On School Trip

A girl has died on a school trip. A 12 year old girl has died whilst swimming on a school trip at a French adventure centre.

Another school tragedy, another life of a child lost.

It’s a very sad story but these things do happen. It’s a tragic accident but again these things do happen.

Granted I do feel sorry for the family who has lost their child.

There is going to be an investigation/inquiry about this to find the facts and I agree with that totally but you know what? We are going to discover that this was a tragic accident.

Probably an accident we could have avoided however we can’t prevent all accidents but we can try and we try hard.

I can hear the calls now from sections of the public. The let’s ‘ban school trips crowd’. I say no let’s not do that because it’s a very stupid stance to have.

We need kids to go to these centres because they are educational and fun for the children. So let’s not jump on the ban things band wagon because it’s pathetic and sad.

A 12 year old girls has died on a school trip yo France. It’s a tragic accident but please let’s not go over board with our reactions to this.


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