Obama Urges Kenyan Corruption Trials

Obama wants to see corruption trials in Kenya. During the second day of his state visit to Kenya Obama has urged for visible trials against corruption which he see as an impediment to further growth.

So you go out to the country of your father’s birth, the place that the media have been describing as your ancestral home and you point out their flaws.

You’re a very brave man.

I really hope he is using this Kenya platform as a message to the world not just African countries and yes I am talking about the Middle East and Europe. Let’s face it there is corruption in any place you go in this world.

Yesterday I said that people were not going to be happy about the gay rights stance that Obama was going to take and I was right.

The President of Kenya has talked about their differing views on Homosexuality. It’s good that Obama has is trying to push an equality agenda but I said people weren’t going to be happy and Kenya still isn’t going to legalize it.

Some people are not going to move away from their religious beliefs.

Obama has talked about having visible corruption. Well I hope he does mean corruption across the world.


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