Piilot Dies In Crash At Carfest

A display team pilot has been killed. A Pilot from display team Plane has died in a crash at the Carfest Motoring Event in Cheshire.

Well this has been the weekend for Plane Crashes at Car places. There was the one yesterday in Hampshire and now there is the one Cheshire.

It’s not impossible, it just feels very unlikely.

Firstly it’s another family that has lost a person that they have loved and it feels like this is happening a lot. A rather scary thought.

Secondly this guy has a trained RAF Pilot and he knew what he was doing. This is going to be a rather interesting investigation that will have some interesting outcomes in my opinion.

The whole of Carfest was organised by Chris Evans the TV presenter.

I do feel really sorry for him. He organised a fun event for people to see and go to and this happens on his watch. Obviously he didn’t want this to happen. I’ve not seen the video of the announcement but he is meant to be very upset by the whole incident.

I really do feel sorry for Chris Evans.

A Display Pilot has lost his life after a crash a Carfest. I really do feel sorry for the people involved in this incident.


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