Cilla Black Dies Aged 72

Cilla Black has died. Former Pop Star and TV Entertainer Cilla Black has died at age of 72 in the Costa Del Sol in Spain.

So there is are people who can make an impact across the Globe in the Entertainment field. Let’s face it Cilla Black was one of those people that fitted in to the group.

A lot of people on my Facebook have respected and sit in reverence of Cilla Black but then again there people who wanted to trash the Cilla because she didn’t stay to her ‘Working Class’ roots.

Says very much about some people’s political opinion in this Country.

What ever you feel about the woman you’ve got to admit her impact on British Culture.

There’s the music, there the TV show. It got pointed out on the media outlets that she had been in the public’s eyes for over 50 years.

Like I said there are people who are out there who are upset by the News of this.

Cilla Black has died at the age of 75 in Spain. No matter what you think of her she has had a great career and impacted British Culture.


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