UN Calls Greece’s Migrant Crisis ‘Total Chaos’

The situation regarding Migrants in Kos is in Chaos. The United Nations has said that the Migration Crisis on the Greek Island of Kos is in total Chaos.

You really hope that this cry from the United Nations actually spurs something to happen but I very much doubt it.

I really can’t see how the people of Kos and Sicily are able to cope with this crisis. No place’s infrastructure can take thousands of people a year landing on their shores.

But they are having land on the door mat.

The Greeks are in a worse positions because they have no money and still having to borrow money off the European Union and the Central Bank.

The United Nations can cry about the Crisis in Greece being in Chaos but let’s face it, it’s total chaos across the whole if Europe.

From Greece to Calais.

Again I need to call for border control. We need to keep tabs on these people and we to know where they are. Then countries who have to take these people in fresh off the boat need to be given more money to deal with this problem.

If that’s doesn’t work then we might as well use the Australian system and stick them on a camp on an Island.

The United Nations has called the Migrant Crisis in Greece total Chaos. Maybe there are people who will take this problem seriously instead of looking at it through rose tinted far left glasses.


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