Carphone Warehouse Victim Of Cyber Attack

Carphone Warehouse has been the victim of a Cyber Attack. Mobile retailer Carphone Warehouse has been the victim of a cyber attack and the attackers may have the details of 2.4 million customers.

So if your a Carphone Warehouse customer it’s time to sit a little closer to the edge of your seats until you find out if it’s your details that have been accessed.

Good luck with that.

Firstly I may have been a little bit sarcastic there but I actually must be awful to think that your contract details and what not have been accessed by somebody who you don’t know.

I upgraded my mobile number with them a few weeks ago so they might have my Mobile Phone number. Granted that’s not much and I not going to loose sleep about it.


You would think that a company like this would have had a very strong security protection system. It failed it’s time to look at where you failed then fix it.

When you find the person who done this I suggest that you should actually give this guy a job before you throw him in to prison. He’s hacked your security systems. He should be the one who shows you where you went wrong.

I know you don’t want to hear that but it’s the truth.

Carphone Warehouse as admitted that they have been involved in a Cyber Attack. It looks like Carephone Warehouse should hire a Cyber security expert in the form of this hacker.


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