London Marathon Chief Criticizes IAAF

London Marathons chief has criticized the IAAF. The chief of the annual London Marathon has criticized athletic’s Governing body the IAAF over allegations of doping within the sport.

Is doping going to be the hot topic in sports for a while now? has it become so controversial that all major sports news with be centered around this?

Granted let’s face it in the last couple of years two Governing bodies have been left red faced regarding the issues of sports enhancing drugs.

First Lance Armstrong confesses to doping on Opera and then Mo Farah’s coach is accused of doping the people he trained.

See not good is it.

So the head of the London Marathon has criticized Athletics’s Governing body over doping with in the sport.

At least somebody is taking the lead on this because it looks like nobody is willing to make this comment. If wide spread doping has taken place then the IAAF should have known about it or they are just stupid.

Is really makes you think doesn’t it?

Granted it looks like they have tried to cover it up and they knew all along.

I’m not surprised.

The head of the London Marathon has criticized the IAAF over Doping in Athletics.You hope that it makes a difference but you expect it to fall on to deaf ears.


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