21 Year Old Confesses To The Murder Of Karen Buckley

A 21 year old has admitted to murdering a student. A 21 year man has admitted to the murder of a of Irish Student Karen Buckley whose body was discovered on a farm four years after she went missing from Glasgow Nightclub.

The father of the person who had been killed has described the murderer of his daughter as Evil. I know he is very emotional at this point in time but he has hit the nail on the head.

The murderer was evil or he is very sick in the head. He clearly has a mental illness.

The murderer Alexander Pacteau did some very weird stuff in story. He tried to dissolve the body and when that clearly didn’t work he dumped the body on a farm.

What ever this was it was pre-planned and Karen Buckley was just a very unfortunate victim.

It looks like he’s going to get a life sentence for this. Well to be honest anything less or if he gets out it’s not good enough. A man who could do this is not ever fit to rejoin the community.

I know I’ve said this yesterday but clearly some people should not be allowed in with the public.

There are some very evil people.

A 21 year old man has admitted to the murder of Karen Buckley. You do wonder what is happening to mankind.


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