Veterans Commemorated VJ Day

Veterans of the 2nd World War commemorated VJ Day. Veterans and their Families have taken part in events to mark the 70th Anniversary of VJ day, the day when Japan surrendered and the war ended.

So we now have seen the end of all the events that marked the end of the Second World War.

I really think this year has been the year we should sit back and take stock of what happened during that time. War World 2 saw the most horrific crimes in human history.

From the Holocaust, to the Nuclear Bombs to Human Experimentation. These are things that we need to look back at and take a serious look at.

Let’s remember this is see the end of our war with Japan but let’s not forget what caused Japan to surrender.

A Nuclear bomb that hit too cities. The worst bomb attack in human history. I’m not saying Japan is innocent over their War Crimes. They did work people to death building railways and the did experiment on Prisoners of War.

Both of these crimes are unforgivable in my eyes.

Today people marked the end of World War 2 as we commemorated VJ Day. I really do hope that people will use this day to look back at the horrific crimes we committed on our own people during the Second World War.


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