Gordon Brown Say Labour Must Be Credible

The Labour Party must be credible. Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has come out and told the party that they must be credible and electable in order to win back power and realize it’s High Ideals’.

Oh I’m going to have fun with this one today.

I said this when Tony Blair decided to open his big trap a few weeks ago and heck I’m going to repeat myself. Former leaders of a party need to learn to shut up an not comment on issues like this.

Especially if your name is Gordon Brown.

I said Blair wasn’t a credible mouth piece for the Labour Party after what he has done. Gordon Brown I think is a terrible one after the mess he left the country in.

There are many better people to lead the charge on whom the Labour Party should vote for or not vote for. He may have saved the Union but hell he ruined the country.

Then he also added on something interesting.

The Party needs to be electable. Well no shit Sherlock how else do you win elections but wait a minuet didn’t you make the Labour Party un-electable in the first place.

Then he says this isn’t a dig at any of the leadership contenders.

Well that is something I can believe. I don’t think he has the intelligence to make a move against somebody in the Leadership race he dislikes. I think this is a very silly throw away comment that he really shouldn’t have made.

To be honest it won’t make any difference.

Gordon Brown has said that the Labour Party will only win an election if they are credible and electable. Well I was wondering how you win elections. Thank you Gordon for clearing that up for me.


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