CCTV Show Man Leave Back Pack At Shrine

Thai Authorities have a suspect for the Bangkok Bombing. Video Footage has shown footage of a man who the Thai Police want to Question in connection of the bomb blast at a shrine in the Thai capital of Bangkok.

So let’s just round up how many people have died. They number is at least 20 people and they are from mainly Asian countries but there have been some English people have died in this bomb blast.

So their is video footage from the shrine and they are kind of grainy and you really can’t see the person’s face. So let’s face it at this early stage it’s going to be hard to identify the person.


I don’t think that this person is Thai. I could be wrong but I don’t think he’s Thai. I think this person is a westerner. He looks like he is a European.

Granted like I said that the video footage looks grainy so yeah I could be wrong.

Nobody has yet to take responsibility on this bombing. So I actually don’t think that it’s any big Islamic Group. I think this is so crazy lone wolf Westerner.

The question is now what was his motive.

The Thai Police have released an image of a person who they want to question regarding the Bangkok bombing. It’s looks like the person could be a lone wolf but then again I could be wrong.


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