3 Men Injured In Train Attack

3 men have been injured and as a man opened fire on a train. An armed man has injured 3 people on a train between Amsterdam and Paris before being overpowered by two American Passengers.

So it’s another Attack and it’s in France. The third one in France this year.

So this hasn’t been a good year for France when it comes to France. 3 attacks in 8 months. You do wonder what the French are doing wrong for this to happen.

You would expect it from America. You expect somebody to attack America to be attacked 3 time in one year.

So a Moroccan man has attacked a train. You do hope that this person who isn’t attached to some Islamic Terrorist Group. What I am hoping for this person is just a crazy person who tried to kill people.

Bizzare hope I know.

Then the Train was saved by a couple of Americans. Oh joy the people who need their ego boosting become the people who save the days.

No I don’t want to people to die but in the end couldn’t a British person just have saved a day not an American.

A man has injured 3 people as he opened fire on a train in France. Well it’s been a terror year for France and I think it’s going to continue.


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