Migrant Children Rescued From Minivan

Three Children are in Hospital suffering from severe hydration. Three Children have been rescued from A Mini Van suffering from Severe hydration after being discovered with 23 more Syrian Migrants.

It’s just going to get worse before it get any better this migrant crisis.

Firstly they find a lorry full of people dead and now with in the space of a few days they have found more people in a Mini Van trying to get to Western Europe.

Thankfully the children have survived. Could you imagine the out cry if the children had died. This would have given the left a field day of crying and letting more in.

But again the European Union has to get their head out of their backsides and deal with this problem. Then you have to wonder how long they take this thing seriously.

My bet is when the Germans start getting dead people on the door steps of Berlin. When people start being found dead in Germany then the Germans just can’t ignore the problem.

And that’s the crux of the problem here. Greece and the Balkans can suffer but as long as bodies don’t end up in Germany or Brussels they will carry on with the left wing welcome mat.

3 children are in hospital suffering from severe dehydration. This crisis is getting worse and it’s time to start some action.


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