Hungary Transports Migrants To Austrian Border.

Hungary will transport the refugees to the Austrian Border. Hungary will send Buses to transport migrants to Austrian Border after over 1000 migrants began to walk there earlier today.

So Hungary has caved in and let the people to move on to Austria. You were the rock for other countries to lean against in their battle against this stupid let them move policy.

You were using European Law to hold stop these people spreading across the Europe.

Granted if people are going to walk their then you can’t stop them from walking but just let them walk to Austria. They don’t want to be in Hungary so let them leave the country by foot.

Granted your helping them break EU Law but at least you have done your part in trying to get them to stay.


Don’t Bus them over to the Border. You’ve done this now and you are going to have to do this over and over again. You’ve set a deadly precedent on this subject. People are going to go through Hungary because people know they are going to get to Austria and the Hungarian Government will Transport them.

The Hungarians have started to Transport People to the Austrian Border. Well this is a deadly move that will cause tension in their country as more people know they will transported through the country in to Austria and turn up on their border.


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