Two Brits Dead By RAF Drone

Two Brits have died in Syria. Two British people who had been fighting for Islamic State were killed in an RAF Drone strike, David Cameron has said.

Funny these aren’t going to be two people I won’t loose sleep over.

People are going to call me a bit harsh because these are people however these are people who were fighting against their own people and were willing, able and planning to kill British people.

Let’s face it, it was probably going to be them two or possibly hundreds of British people.

Granted there is a family who have lost their children but again it was them or hundreds more British people.

So how were they killed?

It was a drone strike that killed them. Granted I haven’t been a fan of Drones as a method of killing people in the arena of war but if it is taking out these people then I have no problems with the Government and Army using these methods to wipe out Islamic State.

The Government has revealed that Two British Born Islamic State fighter have been killed by a drone strike. Well I am going to say that I am not too upset to see these two men die as they are a threat to the country.


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