Britain Would Hit Targets In Syria Again

The UK will strike ISIS in Syria. The UK wouldn’t hesitate to launch more strikes in Syria to thwart future Terrorist attack, defense secretary Michael Fallon has said.

Well there is one question I have to ask right now… Why haven’t been hitting targets in Syria before last month. I know that we said but we would only hit target in Iraq but secretly going in to Syria wouldn’t be too bad.

In my opinion I really don’t think we have had a decent policy so far just going for places in Iraq.

We really need to hit them hard and we need to hit them where it hurts. I really feel like we have been tip toeing around Islamic State and hitting things that hasn’t really been important.

So they will only hit ISIS in Syria in they consider them a threat with a Terror Plot….

Well I can imagine that anybody who is fighting for a group of Religious Zealots who want to kill us because we aren’t following there version of Islam is a giant threat to National security even if they aren’t plotting against the British people at this moment in time.

See just bomb them.

Michael Fallon has said that he would consider striking targets in Syria again. Well I think that we should just start to them now before it becomes a massive threat.


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