Queen Becomes Longest Serving Monarch

The Queen has thanked Britain for there kind messages. The Queen has thanked the British people for their messages of kindness and well wishes as she becomes the longest serving Monarch in British History.

Well in a world of Islamic Terrorists in Europe and people moving through countries on a Biblical scale it’s nice to have a good news story to comment on.

Good News for some people and A total waste of time for other people. However I am going to leave my personal opinions on the Royal Family aside and look at this on a neutral plane.

I don’t agree with us having a Queen but congratulations on surviving this long and keeping a hold of your country. When other Monarchs have fallen it’s great to see your hanging on in their.

I’m not going to begrudge the Royalists this day. It’s something for them to celebrate. Granted I won’t be there celebrating with them but I won’t stop them from Celebrating.

So today has become the longest serving Monarch in British History has has thanked her supporters for the messages of support. Granted I’m not one of those people who have sent a message but she has now become a record breaker and that is something to be proud of.


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