Northern Ireland’s First Minister Steps Down

Northern Ireland’s First Minister has stepped down. Peter Robinson First Minister of Northern Ireland has stepped down amid a Political Crisis in Storemont. Other DUP members are set to resign as a result of this political crisis.

You know what? Every time that the subject of Northern Ireland has come up, I have advocated handing back Northern Ireland to the Republic and unifying Ireland.

This is still my point of view however if we are not going to hand Northern Ireland over I think it’s time to dissolve Storemont and hand their powers back to Westminster.

I know devolution works in Scotland and Wales but it seems not to work in Northern Ireland. I think they’ve spent more time In Stotemont not sitting then actually sitting.

What’s caused this?

A former member of the IRA was murdered last month. Granted it’s the same member who was let off Scott Free by Tony Blair and the last Labour Government.

Talk about a man who’s been nothing but trouble.

I’ve never known a terrorist who has caused political trouble by their death. I’m sorry but the Northern Irish really need to sort this out before they can move on in any useful way.

The words ‘it’s a joke’ just doesn’t cover it

Northern Ireland’s First Minister has stepped down amid a political crisis. I think it’s time that Westminster takes the powers off Storemont until it can run itself properly.


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