Corbyn Has Appoints His First Shadow Cabinet

Labour unveil a unifying cabinet. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn unveiled a unifying Shadow cabinet with John McDonnell named as the Shadow Chancellor.

So the good old days of new Labour are finally over. The smug shadow of Tony Blair is slowly fading from the Labour Party and they may come in to a new light under a very left wing ideal.

Very left wing compared to Tory lite days of Tony Brown and John Prescott.

So this is the cabinet that is meant to unify the Labour Party. Granted I would say this a a unifying cabinet for people who to get Labour to move forward.

This is not the cabinet of Ed Milliband followers who have thrown the toys out of the pushchair because they can’t move the party towards the right.

So bye bye Kendall, Cooper and Umuna. You won’t be missed.

There is one appointment that interests me and that is Diane Abbott…

She is very left wing and you can’t deny that but she is not a very well liked by people. She’s not a very nice person and she is seen as a racist by some people.

She is the only in there because she is very left wing.

Jeremy Corbyn has elected his first Shadow Cabinet. Well it’s time to see how that cabinet last before the right of Labour tries to take over and take the party towards the right.


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