EU Ministers Agree Migrant Quotas

European Minister have agreed Migrant Quotas. European Interior Ministers have approved controversial plans to relocate 120,000 across the continent over the next two years.

So the migrant Quotas have finally been approved by the European Ministers. Goodness how long this crisis has been going on but finally it feels like Europe has finally got their fingers out of their backsides and agreed on something.

What they haven’t agreed is what to do with them, all they have agreed is where to shunt them and where to leave the.

The problem is that this agreement is going to solve the problem that has developed over the last few months and it hasn’t solved the problem of hundreds of thousands of migrants who are still going to enter Europe.

Again it’s a short term measure.

Let’s analyze the word ‘Agreed’.

Let’s be honest there was no real agreement especially from the Eastern side of the European Union. We can all admit and agree that the Germans forced these quotas have been rammed down the throat of the Eastern Europeans.

Again democracy in Europe has taken another blow as Germany gets it’s own way.

European Minister have agreed Quotas on the amount of Migrants each EU country will take. Well let’s face it Germany has forced this decision down the throats of the EU.


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