Volkswagen Chief Resigns

Volkswagen chief has resigned. Martin Winterkorn the chief executive of Volkswagen has resigned following the revelation that the Car Manufacturer manipulated US Diesel emissions test.

So I’ll say this now and I want to go on record and say this scandal will go on and on for days and I get the feeling that there will be other Car manufacturers will be dragged in to this.

Volkswagen has somehow managed to drag themselves in to a big pile of shit. It’s bad for those lovely people at Volkswagen’s head office but things are only going to get worse.

I do believe that Volkswagen will go bust because nobody will trust them anymore. I do think that the trust is gone and people will go to another manufacturer.

Then at the end of the day they only have themselves to blame on this.

So the head of the company has fallen on his sword and resigned. Well it’s one thing I agree with. I think he did know and if he didn’t he know then he has to be a numpty. With that in mind then he shouldn’t be running a major world company.

The chief Executive of Volkswagen has resigned after the Emissions Scandal. Well he should fall on his sword cos he was a little bit incompetent not to know what was going on.


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