Russia Hits Targets In Syria

Russia have carried air strikes in Syria. Russian Aircraft have carried out airstrikes against opponents of Syrian President Basher Al-Assad.

So finally the Russian have entered the Syrian Civil War. It has finally taken four years but somebody has taken their finger out of their ass and taken sides in this god forsaken conflict.

Hopefully this might actually end the conflict in the near future.

So who did the Russian actually attacked?

Well the Russians claimed they have hit ISIS while the American have claimed that the Russians have hit Rebel positions.

Right somehow I don’t know who to believe.


The Russians have actually hit ISIS then I’ve got to say well done to the Russians finally the Russians are doing something about ISIS within Syria then hopefully on to Iraq.

It’s obvious that the tactics of the West have been shit and hopefully the Russian tactics will work a lot better.

The Americans I really couldn’t trust them as far as I could throw them when it comes to Russia. I can imagine that they are lying about this to make the Russians look back. They are full of Bullshit when it comes to the Russians.

The Russians have hit Targets with in the Syria. Finally hopefully this is the move that will end this god awful Civil War in Syria.


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