Cameron Stands By Tax Credit Cuts

David Cameron has rejected call to rethink his plans on Tax Credit. Cameron has rejected calls to rethink Cut to Tax Credits as the Conservatives gather from their Annual Conference in Manchester.

So Cameron is going to stand by his Tax Credits decision. Well I know this might sound a bit sarcastic but good for him. In a time when Jeremy Corbyn is flip flopping on what he believes in to appease everybody in the Labour Party, I like to see that Cameron is standing strong.

We already knew this wasn’t a popular decision especially with the people on the left. They like Tax Credits and they want people to have a higher wages. I think the Left just want people to have higher wages so they can tax people.

A Think Tank headed up by a former Conservative Minister has already become a critic. Well he says people will be out of pocket until the changes kick it. Well that is actually true but at the end of the day it’s not about money in people’s pocket but it’s about getting people off the Benefit system and dependency on said Benefit System.

David Cameron has stood by the Tax Credit Cuts. Well it’s good to see he’s standing by his Policy instead of cowering to popular opinion.


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