Ebola Nurse Readmitted Into Hospital

A Scottish Nurse has been admitted in to Hospital with Ebola. A Nurse who was admitted in to Hospital last year with Ebola is in serious condition after being admitted in to to an Isolation unit in London.

Oh dear god how come we are going to have another bunch scare stories over this whole re-admittance. After the horror stories that people were coming up with last year you thought it was the end of the world.

Again I feel like I’m repeating myself again and I’m saying what I said this time last year. The poor nurse she went over to another country to help people and she has ended up with a terrible virus.

Granted it sounds like the person still the virus in her Tissues even though she had recovered.

It’s a sad but strange situation.

Granted the fear that must be going through the person’s mind now. A deadly virus has represented itself and now she may or may not die.

It really isn’t something you want to go through twice in two years. The poor woman really is going through hell.

A nurse who contracted Ebola last year has been readmitted in to a Hospital isolation Unit. You really have to feel sorry for this woman being admitted in to Hospital twice in two years with the Ebola Virus.


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