Turkey Enters Mourning Period

Turkey is in mourning. Thousands of people have gathered in Turkey’s capital of Ankara to pay Tribute to the victims of the two bomb blasts which killed nearly 100 people.

How many day of mourning can the world have in a year. It feels like we have had dozens of these days of mourning over the last ten months.

Then again we’ll have dozens more over the next ten months. We’ve fallen in to a tragic cycle or attacks and periods of mourning.

Along with the mourning the people are looking for somebody to blame and they have turned on the Government.

It’s a horrible thing to think about because I actually think they might have a point. This rally has been organised by the Kurds and I get the feeling that the Turkish Government really want to bomb the crap out of the Kurds.

I know it’s an awful thing to say but I think it’s actually true. Granted the Turkish Government have denied it.

They are blaming it on Islamic State. Yeah it’s a bit of an easy cop out really. They have picked the easiest target to blame it on. If I was a Government trying to cover up a state sponsored attack I’d blame it on ISIS.

Turkey has entered a period of mourning after the blasts in Ankara. Well you just hope that they get the answers they need not the answers they want.


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