2 RAF Officers Named

Two dead Airmen have been named. Two dead RAF Officers who were killed in Afghanistan have been named by the Ministry Of Defense.

Well it looks like when we pulled our troops out of the country a few months ago it looks like we left some people there. So pulling out really didn’t mean fully pulling out.

So these people were in a Helicopter at a NATO Training base with Afghanistan. Why do I get the feeling that these will all to do with trying to stop the Taliban from taking over Afghanistan.

You know what I don’t care if the Taliban take over Afghanistan because maybe it might stop this war they seem to be having that is causing everybody trying to leave the country.

Granted this is a tragic accident and there will be an investigation in to this but it will come out as an accident and unless it’s friendly fire there won’t be too much to say.

2 Airmen who died in an Helicopter Crash have been named. It’s a sad accident but until something comes out of this that’s all it’s going to be a tragic accident.


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