MH17 Brought Down By Missile

A Russian Missile brought down MH17. Dutch Officials have said that a Russian Buk Missile brought down Malaysian Airlines flight MH17.

And in other new rain is wet.

I don’t want to get sarcastic or snippy about this one but we already knew this one. We’ve knew already that a missile had shot down the plane it was kind of obvious.

Interesting how they managed to get the word Russian in to the description though. We already knew that Buk Missiles were from Russia but again we already suspected it was a Bulk missile as they have been used on the Ukraine Battle field.

But Russian…

Yup the Dutch are using the official party line of blame the Russians for anything that goes wrong in Ukraine. Oh and they are sticking by it very well.

People already know I don’t believe the official line of thought on this. I do believe it’s the Ukraine army who brought this plane down because the evidence just doesn’t sit right with me in the whole of the saga.

I do feel the Americans are covering up this story to hide their involvement so they can in it on the Russians.

The Dutch Officials have said a Russian Missile caused MH17 to crash. Well it’s nice to see the Dutch keeping to the official EU Party line.


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