Tata Steel To Cut 1200 Jobs

Tata Steel is set to cut 1200 jobs. Tata Steel is set to announce that they will cut 1200 jobs at it’s Scunthorpe Steel Plant.

Begin the left wing anger that we are going to loose another national service and industry. I know that’s sarcastic but they do anygry over a lot of things an especially when they close down industry like mining and steel works.

However I wouldn’t be surprised if the messiah of the left Jeremy Corbyn reopens the factory and gives everyobdy their job back.

It’s a sad loss for Scunthorpe especially as they seem to have lost a lot of their industry but this is the way things are going. We are loosing a lot of our industry and yes it’s sad but it’s tragically what is happening.

As a consumer I am very aware that we can make stuff in another country for a lot cheaper and get it shipped in to this country. A lot less than what you can pay people in this country.

I do think that the national minimum wage has put the hold on that and if a company can pay slave wages and it’s cheaper then I am not going to complain.

Sadly that is life and business.

Tata Steel is going to cut 1200 jobs from their works in Scunthorpe. Granted it’s a sad day for the town but it’s tragically a way of Business.


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