Junior Doctors Take To The Streets Of London

Junior Doctors have been Marching in London. Junior Doctors took to the streets of London to protest the new Contracts offered to them by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

Well this day was coming and today was the day. I want to point this out that if you work in a vital Public Service like the NHS you should not be able to do this.

You should be go around the negotiation table and talk out your differences not disrupt the Health Service.

There are two things a I wonder about this whole situation…

1) If Labour had offered this contract would they have taken it.

2) Is the BMA giving Doctors the full facts.

Would they have taken this offer from Labour. I actually think they would have and they would have hailed it as a brilliant offer. I only think they rejected it because it was offered to them by a Conservative Government.

Have the Doctors got the full facts. I really do feel that the BMA are holding information from people just to take a swing at Hunt. I think they want rid of him and this is the only way they can see it happening.

In short I don’t trust Union Bosses.

Junior Doctor have taken to the streets of London to Protest the new contract on offer. Well it’s great to see they are fighting a cause but I do wonder if they are doing it for the right reasons.


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