Chinese President Arrives In UK

The Chinese President is on a state visit From China. The Chinese President Xi Jinping has arrived in the UK on a four day visit that David Cameron has hailed as a ‘Golden Ear’ in ties between the two countries.

So let’s start with this is a follow on visit from George Osbourne going over to China last months where he tried to drum up business for the Chinese in Britain.

Yup this has all has to do with cracking the second largest market in the World and letting them get a foothold in the United Kingdom.

Is somebody expecting to Britain to leave the European Union? Oh I do hope so, I really do.

Both sides are trying to big this up massively. I mean they are both calling this special names and you do wonder what will happen if any deal falls through at the last moment.

The words major fuck up come to mind and the SNP people will be over this like a rash. You know it, I know it, Sturgeon will be looking forward to this one.


Saudi Arabia, China and other nasty countries, you’d think the British Government would pick our friends a lot more wisely. Both countries have terrible human rights records and we seem to cozy up to them like it’s nothing.

But hey when you need Business and Oil who needs morals.

The Chinese President has arrived in the United Kingdom on a four day visit. It just proves that we are willing to do business with anybody to get a foothold on another market.


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