UK-China Ties ‘Will Reach New Highs’

China and UK ties will be lifted to new highs. Chinese President has said that he believes that his Visit to Britain will lift UK and Chinese relation to ‘new heights’

You could feel the overtures it’s almost dirty the way the Chinese President is talking about this trip.

You do have to wonder if the Chinese President actually believes this or he’s just being fake. I really do think that this is just pleasant words for the sake of this whole trip.

I truly don’t think that this trip will actually do anything except from promote Chinese business opportunities in the West.

How ever we are keeping Chinese President Busy.

He’s had some pomp and ceremony and ridden down the Mall in a horse and carriage and addressed Parliament. Well at least he is doing something like getting an old worldly view of Britain from an empty street.

And it has stopped him from hearing the protests about his visit from Human rights protester. Yeah we don’t want dignitaries to hear about little problems such as their illegal occupation of Tibet.

The Chinese President has said that ties between China and The UK will reach new highs. Well I do think he say say that as we have spent the kissing his backside.


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