Labour Would Support Tax Credit U-Turn

Labour would support delays in Tax Credit Reduction. Labour said it would support the Government if they decided to delay plans to reduce Tax Credits amid Efforts to kill off the proposal all together.

Labour have been talking to the BBC about the Tax Credits and they have used John McDonnell to give us their message.

No matter how popular the message is, is it wise to use John McDonnell to give that message. He doesn’t seem very popular with some people and some of the stuff he’s said isn’t that popular anyway.

To be honest I expect Labour to say this and try and stop this Tax Credit episode. I would actually expect that this lot of Labour Front Benchers to throw money left right and center at people.

I just love how Nicky Morgan is the one to reply to this message from Labour.

Osborne couldn’t be bothered to answer this so they use Morgan who is an unpopular Minister anyway. This really is going to drive people towards Labour.

Let’s face it this is a popular policy from Labour coming from a popular leader in Corbyn.

Labour has said they would back a slow down of the Tax Credits. Well no surprise there, I expect them to kick up a storm but do nothing in response.


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