House Of Lords Vote To Delay Tax Credits Cut

The Lords have voted on a delay of the Tax Credits Cuts. The British Government has been dealt a major blow after the House Of Lords voted on a delay on Tax Credit Cuts and to Compensate those people affected in full.

And the tragic but expected blow for the Government over the Tax Credits has been dealt.

Let’s face it this is never going to get through the House Of Lords. The Lib Dems and The Labour Party will block this at every point they can.

It is a very unpopular Policy and both Parties will be able to gain a lot of Political bragging rights when this fails to get past the House of Lords.

And it’s sour grapes from Osborne. He lambasted the fact that House of Lords for not being elected. He then points out that the Conservatives gained a majority. Sour Grapes from the Chancellor.

Then Labour called for a U-Turn in Policy. Well this is not a surprise is it. They have been doing this all along. Well I somehow think they might actually get their own way on this one. This might be the one.

The House Of Lords has voted to delay the the Tax Credits cut. This is the first step to this whole episode blowing up in the faces of the Government.


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