Government To Review The House Of Lords

There will be a review in to the House Of Lords. The Government has announced a review in to the House Of Lords after the Government was defeated in the house over the Cuts in Tax Credits.

Well talk about throwing your toys out of the Pram after you don’t get your way over Tax Credit cuts. This has to be one of the most pathetic things in Politics that I have ever seen.

And let’s face it, I’ve seen the Labour Party try to make Political gain out of disabled people.

I love how this review is put in place so they can protect their ability to do there job. So they want a way to go about their work unchallenged. That’s what it is. They’ve not got what they want so they trying to find a way to make it pointless.

I really do hope that the Left put a halt on this one. This really is the point where the SNP can stop being a pain in England’s backside and not the fact they are the third largest party in Westminster to effect.

The Government are set to launch a review on the house of Lords. Well what a pathetic use of time just because you got defeated on Tax Credit Cuts in the House Of Lords.


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