Sinai Plane Crash Was Caused By External Influences

External Influences caused Saturday’s Plane Crash. The Russian Airline Kogalymavia has blame external influences for the plane crash that took place on Saturday that happened in Sinai in Egypt.

Well it looks like the Airline are trying to place the blame at somebody’s feet because it looks like they are trying to place on somebody or a group.

So there seems to be two versions of this crash. There is the Russian Aviation Authority and the Airlines and they are both totally contradictory of each other.

For once I don’t know which one to believe in this story because I don’t know what is happening and I feel that the Airline bosses are being over emotional at this point of time.

There will be an investigation and we will know the results very soon. I somehow feel Isis is involved in this.

And lord help them if they are involved.

Let’s face it if they’ve pissed off the Russians the Russians will give them hell. They will bomb the crap out of anybody they feel is a threat to Assad. Let’s face it they will end the Syrian Civil War pretty damn quick.

External Influences seem to be blamed for Saturdays Plane crash. Lord help them if Terrorist were involved because the Russians will give them hell.


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