Bomb May Have Been Cased By Sinai Plane Crash

Saturday’s Plane Disaster may have been caused by a bomb. Intelligence has suggested that Saturday’s plane crash may have been caused by bomb, UK and USA officials have said.

And the tragic accident has become an act of Terrorism. Another horrific sign that we are always at threat from people who want to kill us.

The thing is that it’s not the official conclusion but it is the likely conclusion.

So let’s look at the most likely candidate is. Well ISIS have already taken responsibility for it so let’s say it is them. However the Egyptian Government want to keep a distance between that theory and the official theory.

You wonder if they already know something we don’t.

Granted I can actually imagine that it is Islamic State as Russia is bombing the crap out of Islamic State in Syria.

They used a bomb and they blew the plane up. Well that’s security in Egyptian Airports needing to be stepped up in the future. The thing is you now have to wonder why they chose this method to hit the Russians like they did.

Saturday’s Air Disaster may have been caused by an explosion. Well it looks like there are some people who have planed this and managed to smuggle a bomb on to a plane.


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