Brits To Return Home On Friday

Repatriations back to the UK will begin. UK Airlines will start to repatriate Britons from Egypt’s Sharm El-Sheikh on Friday the UK Government has said.

So people’s extended Holidays will end on Friday as UK Airlines will pick up our people. Not that must be a massive for the British people over there.

There must be nothing worse than being in a country where Security is really high when you want to get home.

Despite them probably being relieved about this whole thing, I can imagine that there are a lot of people who will complain that the British Government didn’t get them soon enough.

There is also special Security measures that will be put in to place. Shouldn’t there have been stringent checks in the first place then this wouldn’t have happened in the first place.

This new security measure. To send back non hand luggage later on. Yeah that’s really going to go down really well. Nobody is going to want to come back before there own clothes and stuff.

Granted it’s necessary in these times and that’s the sad thing.

Flight will start to repatriate British people from Egypt on Friday. I understand the need for all the security precautions but I do feel it is a bit unfair on the Brits.


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