French Seek Dangerous Suspect

French Police are hunting a dangerous suspect. French Police have issued a photo of a French National wanted in connection with Fridays attack in Paris that killed 129 people.

So the Police have got a person of interest let’s say and he is a French National. You wonder how this is going to split people’s opinion on the subject.

There is going to use this to damn all Muslims and then there’s going to be somebody who will give everybody a free pass. There is one thing that we do know is that Islamic State’s reach is going to be more apparent in Europe.

The next Question will then be asked is did some of the attacker come over with the Migrants?

I don’t want to answer that one because I don’t want the label anything.

The French have retaliated in kind as well. Well what do you expect. They want revenge and to be honest I don’t blame them and it looks like they have done some good in their revenge attacks.

What do expect from the French they’ve seen a horrific attack and again I say I don’t blame them for doing it. I think the world will appreciate them for it as well.

The French have issued a picture of a suspect they have called very dangerous. You hope this person is taken alive because the French will want their justice for Friday.


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