10,000 Troops Could Be Deployed For Terror Attack

10,000 troops could be deployed in the UK. David Cameron has said that 10,000 troops could be deployed on the streets of the UK if a Paris style attack happens in Britain. This announcement came as he announced an extra £12 Billion on defense spending.

Well there will be some people who will be happy and there will be people who no doubtfully feel safer.

I am neither of them.

So Firstly there is going to be a lot of people who will love the fact that we’re going to spend more money on defense. Most of the noise I’ve heard for the last few months has about how we shouldn’t cut back on spending on defense.

Yes we should be spending money on defense and we should have more soldiers especially after the last few years how ever I do not feel that they should be on the streets.


How is this going to help in the long run. Are they going to stop people are they going to do the job of the Police. Shouldn’t we have the Police doing the Police’s jobs and the Army do our fighting for us abroad.

This is just what I want to be honest. I know people will be different.

David Cameron has said there will be an addition £12 Billion in defense spending. At least something no matter how awful it is has caused the Government to spend more money on the Army.


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