Grant Shapps Resigns

Grant Shapps has stood down from his post. Former Conservative Chairman Grant Shapps has stepped as International Development Secretary amid claims he failed to stop bulling within the Party.

The Conservative are in the midst of a bullying Scandal yet they aren’t in a worse position than the Labour Party.

So these allegations in Question date back to the General Election and the campaign that preceded it. The person in question has been bulling Activists during the campaign trail.

Nasty things happen during the Campaign Trail. I.m not condoning it but people lie and I’m being honest I’m not surprised that people have been bullying other people to get their gains.

All the main parties used nasty tactics so I’m not suprised it trickled down the party.

Should Shapps have resigned?

Well he was the Chairman of the Party at the time so it does fall on his door but then Cameron was the leader so should he resign?

Where do resignations stop on this subject because at the end of the day it’s making the whole party look bad and not just one department.

Grant Shapps has resigned as International Development Secretary. It will be interesting how far up this scandal actually finish in the end.



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