Paris Rally Ends Up In Riot

There has been violence in Paris.  A riot erupted in Paris as thousands of people worldwide marched to stop climate change however I the Paris march erupted in to violence.

And it’s another dark day in Paris History. Granted it’s not as big as the Attacks the other day but it’s still dark.

Let’s start with Climate change.

Well it’s a bit pathetic to march against something you can’t change. Despite what people try to get you to believe Climate Change is not man made. It’s been happening for millions and billions of years.

Granted  I’ll admit we have sped it up in the last few decades with the way we live.

So it’s kind of pointless to have a march to stop climate change.

How come every time we these kind of protest we end up having a stupid riot.

Granted every time you get people on the extreme left you are going to get a riot. I’m not saying that all people who were there wanted to go for a riot but there will have been people who went there to have one.

It’s a very sad truth

An Climate Change Protest has ended in a riot. Climate Change really doesn’t need to be rioted over.


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