Cameron Urges MPs To Take A Firm Stance

MPs must take a stand on Fighting Terror. David Cameron has urged Conservative MPs to take a stance on fighting terror on the eve of a vote in Parliament regarding the authorization of Air Strikes in Syria.

It’s great to see that Cameron is taking a strong stance on this subject and the correct stance at that. I’ve being saying this for years and I’ll say it again. We need to go in to Syria and deal with that mess.

It’s more important now because Islamic State are attacking European Countries.

This is going to go through the house of Commons anyway. The Conservatives will vote for it, 50 Labour MPs are voting for it and I think the Lib Dems are voting for it as well.

Cameron has the majority he needs for what I can figure out.

Corbyn is trying to talk Labour MPs out of voting for a common sense approach. I don’t think it’s going to happen. This vote has turned me against Corbyn and people like him. I really do think he’s a bit crazy regarding the subject. We shouldn’t be leaving Islamic State alone. We need to go after them.

Cameron has taken another swing at Corbyn but at this point I don’t it was necessary to take this stab because he’s already won this battle.

Cameron has urged MPs to take a firm stance on Syria. As long as they vote with the brains and not with their hearts. They will come to the right decisions.


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