Cameron Warns Of Long Syrian Campaign

The Syrian Campaign could be a long campaign. David Cameron has stated that the mission against so-called Islamic State in Syria could take some time and will require some persistence.

Somebody has finally spoken some sense and intelligence on the subject of Syria. With all the name calling and bull shit that has been flying around for the last few it’s great to hear somebody who can talk sense.

This fight is one of those that will be there for the long haul. I’ve been saying this for months, it’s going to take a long time to defeat these people  because we are fighting an army that is fighting for a religious ideology.

If you think that these people will be rolled over as easily as the Iraqi army when we went in to there then you are sadly mistaken.

The next thing is what is the left going to say about this.

Granted I think that they are going to cry about this and harp on about the innocent people in this story. They’re going to ignore what we are actually going in for.

It’s just typical  for the left, I’ve seen it too much over the last few weeks.

David Cameron has warned that the fight against Islamic State is going to be a long one. Well to be honest let’s face it he was pointing out the obvious one there.


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