Thousands Of People Flooded Out Of Homes

Thousands of Homes have been flooded.  Thousands of People have been flooded out of there homes after Storm Desmond wreaked Havoc in parts of the United Kingdom.

And the Crisis that is surrounding Storm Desmond continues.

Again I have to convey my total dismay at how badly this country handles bad weather.`If this was another country they would be on it and not having thousands of people leaving their homes because of bad flooding.

And it happens every year and a I say the same this every year.

The worst thing about this storm is that it looks like the whole of the North West of England has shut down. Yeah that’s not good and soon people will be complaining about things, very soon.

And what are Cameron’s big words on this subject??

Flood Defenses in Cumbria are not good enough!!!

Well no  shit Sherlock. They might be stronger and better defensively if you had paid attention to the North of England during the massive storms we had 2 years ago or so.

However you drove down the road a bit to some Thames Valley Town along with Milliband and Clegg put on your Wellies and looked very sad.  Back then I don’t think the North had any mention.

Granted the Media and The Government did wake the easy way out to report the problem.

Thousands of homes in the North West of England have been flooded out.  Maybe it’s time for the Government to actually start paying attention to the north of England now.


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