National Front Fail In France

The French National Front have failed to win a single region in France. Marie Le Pen’s French National Front Party has failed to a single region in the second round of elections, Exit Polls have indicated.

Firstly I am not suprised this has actually happened. I a whole I don’t think that any European Union country would dare vote a far right party such as the national front.

I can imagine the rest of the European Union would demand a re-vote.

I am in a bit of a split mind over this story because on one hand I really racist has lost in the polls. Nobody wants a Far Right Party in charge of a country. On the other hand A Euro-Skeptic Party doesn’t have influence in France. If the French were pulling away from Europe then Germany would loose their lap dog and biggest ally.

But this result is a wonderful piece of Tactic voting

The Socialist Party did pull out of many of these region to allow the Republicans to stand and not split the vote. I’m impressed for the whole fact that they played blinder to  keep the whole Far Right out.

Well Done Socialist Party.

The French National Front have failed to gain a region in the French Vote. Even though I’m glad A racist party hasn’t got in but It’s sad to see an anti-European Party has failed.


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